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Ten Years of Heat Release Research With the Cone Calorimeter.

pdf icon Ten Years of Heat Release Research With the Cone Calorimeter. (676 K)
Babrauskas, V.

CIB W14/93/2 (J);

Tsukuba Building Test Laboratory, Center for Better Living. Japan Symposium on Heat Release and Fire Hazard, First (1st) Proceedings. Session 3. Scope for Next-Generation Fire Safety Testing Technology. May 10-11, 1993, Tsukuba, Japan, III/1-8 pp, 1993.


heat release; fire hazard; cone calorimeters; standards; databases; heat release rate


ISO 5660 standard is only being published in final form in 1993. However, the Cone Calorimeter was first announced in 1982. Thus, heat release rate (HRR) research work using the Cone Calorimeter started at that time, even though certain features, e.g., the smoke photometer, were not developed until a few years afterwards. In this paper a review is made of what has been learned so far and where strong research successes have been obtained. A number of applications where Cone Calorimeter data are already being used are cited. In addition, some indications are given of where Cone Calorimeter research and application activities are likely to progress in future years.