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Experimental Study of Enclosure Fires With Horizontal Vents.

pdf icon Experimental Study of Enclosure Fires With Horizontal Vents. (527 K)
Lee, S. H. K.; Chiu, W. K. S.; Jaluria, Y.

Combustion Institute/Eastern States Section. Chemical and Physical Processes in Combustion. Technical Meeting, 1993. October 25-27, 1993, Princeton, NJ, 327-330 pp, 1993.


National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD


combustion; enclosures; vents; experiments


A very important flow and transport circumstance that arises in enclosure fires is that of heat and mass transfer across a horizontal vent. Such vents exist in enclosed regions such as rooms and energy storage and ventilation systems. It is important to understand the basic nature of the transport processes which arise due to density and pressure differences across such vents. These two mechanisms give rise to very complicated flow patterns, depending on the relative magnitude of each. This paper represents the second phase of an on-going experimental study on the flow of air across a horizontal vent in an enclosed region for arbitrary values of the governing variables and L/D, where L and D are the length and diameter of the vent respectively. The objective is to accurately quantify some of the results obtained from an earlier visualization study.