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Mixture-Fraction and Velocity Statistics in Fully-Developed Plumes.

pdf icon Mixture-Fraction and Velocity Statistics in Fully-Developed Plumes. (306 K)
Dai, Z.; Tseng, L. K.; Faeth, G. M.

Combustion Institute/Eastern States Section. Chemical and Physical Processes in Combustion. Technical Meeting, 1993. October 25-27, 1993, Princeton, NJ, 173-176 pp, 1993.


National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD


combustion; turbulent combustion; plumes; velocity


An experimental investigation of mean and fluctuating mixture fractions and velocities within fully-developed round turbulent plumes is described. This problem is of interest as a classical buoyant turbulent flow that is relevant to flows found in fire environments. Conditions within the fully-developed, or self-preserving, portions of the flow were emphasized, where both mean and turbulent properties exhibit similarity when variables are scaled appropriately. Such conditions are helpful because turbulent flows is faciliated because effects of extraneous source disturbances have been lost.