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Air Moving Systems and Fire Protection.

pdf icon Air Moving Systems and Fire Protection. (1179 K)
Klote, J. H.

NISTIR 5227; 17 p. July 1993.
Order number: PB93-234722


air movement; air conditioning; fire protection; fire safety; heating; smoke control; stairwells; ventilation systems


The fire hazards associated with heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are significant. Protection is needed from the spread of fire and smoke due both to fires starting inside an HVAC system and fires starting outside an HVAC system. Fire performance of materials for HVAC components are reqired, and fire dampers and smoke dampers are needed. To provide smoke protection, an HVAC system can be shut down or it can be put into a special smoke control mode of operation. Smoke from building fires can be managed by the mechanisms of compartmentation, dilution, air flow, pressurization, and buoyancy.