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First International Conference on Fire Suppression Research: Summary.

pdf icon First International Conference on Fire Suppression Research: Summary. (355 K)
Sjolin, V.; Evans, D. D.; Jason, N. H.

NISTIR 4946; 47 p. October 1992.

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fire suppression; fire research; fire extinguishment; fire extinguishing agents; halons; fire departments; water sprays; water droplets; fire models; dry powders; sprinklers


This report contains the Research Priorities, Recommendations and Summaries of papers presented at the Stockholm conference. The conference was organized to bring together a cross-section of the researchers, users, and sponsors of fire suppression research worldwide. BRANDFORSK (Swedish Fire Research Board) and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) jointly organized the conference that was held in Stockholm. The complete proceedings are available from NIST and BRANDFORSK.