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Handling Fire Data: The FDMS.

pdf icon Handling Fire Data: The FDMS. (782 K)
Babrauskas, V.

Chapter 18;

Heat Release in Fires, Elsevier Applied Science, NY, Babrauskas, V.; Grayson, S. J., Editor(s)(s), 591-607 pp, 1992.


heat release rate; fire protection engineering; fire data; computer programs


Prior to the coming of heat release rate tests, most fire tests had a relatively simple reporting format. Often, only the value of one particular variable was reported. It is true that with many of these traditional tests, the test report may not have been as simple as just one value being reported. Often, the test methods prescribed that a number of thermocouple channels, flame length distances, etc., be monitored and reported. Such reported data were, in fact, not useful nor used by the client or by the design professional. Instead, such ancillary measurements were only needed to document that the test laboratory carried out the test properly; if there were no improprieties noted, the additional information served no purpose.