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Related Quantities. Part D. Gas Species Measurement.

pdf icon Related Quantities. Part D. Gas Species Measurement. (287 K)
Babrauskas, V.

Chapter 8;

Heat Release in Fires, Elsevier Applied Science, NY, Babrauskas, V.; Grayson, S. J., Editor(s)(s), 251-255 pp, 1992.


heat release rate; fire protection engineering; smoke; soot; production rate; large scale fire tests


What gas species, besides oxygen, might we wish to measure? Primarily, we are interested in either those which can serve as combustion diagnostics (e.g., H2O, CO2, total unburned hydrocarbons) or those which are of interest from a toxicity point of view (e.g., CO, HCl, HBR, HF, HCN, NO2). The instrumentation for making gas species measurements was already discussed in Chapter 3 above. Here, we wish to consider how the data might be used, once obtained.