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Simple Cases of Heat Release Rates. Part B. Pools.

pdf icon Simple Cases of Heat Release Rates. Part B. Pools. (223 K)
Babrauskas, V.

Chapter 7;

Heat Release in Fires, Elsevier Applied Science, NY, Babrauskas, V.; Grayson, S. J., Editor(s)(s), 201-206 pp, 1992.


heat release rate; fire protection engineering; pool burning; thermoplstics; equations; burning rate


The burning of liquid droplets and spheres considered in the previous section is instructive, since these are cases for which theoretical solutions may be directly obtained. The next more complex, yet still 'simple' case is of the liquid (or thermoplastic) pool. Over the last 3 or so decades, an enormous number of studies have been conducted where pool burning was considered theoretically or measured empirically. The most systematic early study was by two Russian researchers, Blinov and Khudiakov.