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Full-Scale Heat Release Rate Measurements.

pdf icon Full-Scale Heat Release Rate Measurements. (1014 K)
Babrauskas, V.

Chapter 5;

Heat Release in Fires, Elsevier Applied Science, NY, Babrauskas, V.; Grayson, S. J., Editor(s)(s), 93-111 pp, 1992.


heat release rate; fire protection engineering; calorimetry; fire tests; cone calorimeters; furniture calorimeters


The ability to accurately measure the heat being released by items such as burning furniture or industrial commodities, or by entire burning rooms, today is viewed as essential to fire protection engineering. While it is essential today, it is interesting to note that such a capability was not achieved successfully until the early 1980s, although there were some slightly earlier explorations. Indeed, the whole science of fire testing and fire modelling was greatly held back during the 1970s due to the lack of this capability.