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Measurement of Toxic Potency for Fire Hazard Analysis.

pdf icon Measurement of Toxic Potency for Fire Hazard Analysis. (175 K)
Babrauskas, V.; Levin, B. C.; Gann, R. G.; Paabo, M.; Harris, R. H., Jr.; Peacock, R. D.; Yusa, S.

CIB 92; Tome 2; Topic 4C;

Conseil International du Batiment. Congres Mondial du Batiment. Poster Book - Recueil d'affiches. Tome 2. Topics 3A. to 3D., 4A. to 4E. and 5A. to 5E. CIB 92. May 18-22, 1992, Montreal, Canada, 436-437 pp, 1992.


fire research; hazard analysis; smoke; toxicity; combustion; toxic hazards; fire measurements


This study is the principle product of a research program to provide a technically sound methodology for obtaining and using smoke toxicity data for hazard analysis. It establishes: (a) an improved bench-scale toxic potency measurement, one which represents the important combustion conditions of real fires; and (b) a design and analysis framework which will allow the toxic potency data to be used in a rational, consistent, appropriate, and adequate way. This establishment of proper bench-scale test conditions, validation of the output against real-scale fire measurements, and development of a consistent framework for fire hazard analysis is unique and represents a successful, usable implementation of the state of the art.