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Upholstered Furniture: Prediction by Correlations.

pdf icon Upholstered Furniture: Prediction by Correlations. (1347 K)
Ames, S. A.; Babrauskas, V.; Parker, W. J.

Chapter 15;

Heat Release in Fires, Elsevier Applied Science, NY, Babrauskas, V.; Grayson, S. J., Editor(s)(s), 519-543 pp, 1992.


heat release rate; fire protection engineering; upholstered furniture; fire tests; fire behavior; upholstery; furniture calorimeters; large scale fire tests


A detailed model for furniture combustion, of the sort described in the preceding chapter, represents the best-possible, state of the art calculation. For most purposes in design and evaluation, however, it is sufficient to obtain less accurate results, if they can be obtained by simple measurement techniques. In this Chapter we will examine large-scale measurements of heat release rates of upholstered furniture. Based on such measurements, we will intorduce several techniques for predicting the essence of the full-scale behavior by judicious use of bench-scale test results.