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Fire Research at NBS: The First 75 Years.

pdf icon Fire Research at NBS: The First 75 Years. (1828 K)
Gross, D.

International Association for Fire Safety Science. Fire Safety Science. Proceedings. 3rd International Symposium. July 8-12, 1991, Edinburgh, Scotland, Elsevier Applied Science, New York, Cox, G.; Langford, B., Editor(s)(s), 119-133 pp, 1991.


fire research; fire safety; fire science; detection; extinguishment; fire resistance; flammable fabrics; history; spontaneous combustion


A short history is presented of fire research and testing activities at the National Bureau of Standards from its beginnings in 1914 to 1989. Many of the principal technical projects undertaken to provide information needed by Government agencies, practicing architects and engineers, code officials and the general public are noted. Brief mention is made of organizational, staff and budget changes through the years. References to selected staff publications and source materials are cited.