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Framework for Utilizing Fire Property Tests.

pdf icon Framework for Utilizing Fire Property Tests. (1214 K)
Cleary, T. G.; Quintiere, J. G.

NISTIR 4619; 36 p. August 1991.

International Association for Fire Safety Science. Fire Safety Science. Proceedings. 3rd International Symposium. July 8-12, 1991, Edinburgh, Scotland, Elsevier Applied Science, New York, Cox, G.; Langford, B., Editor(s)(s), 647-656 pp, 1991.

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ON BOOK SHELF: TH9112.F5626 1991
Order number: PB91-240788


fire research; fire safety; fire science; energy transfer; linings; room fires


A complete approximate set of equations is developed to describe fire spread over a surface and its resultant energy release. Wall, floor, and ceiling orientations are considered. The needed model data are couched in terms of available test method results, e.g., Cone Calorimeter and LIFT apparatuses. Several applications are presented to show how energy release rates can be predicted and how well they represent real data from full scale and model room lining experiments.