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FPETOOL: Fire Protection Engineering Tools for Hazard Estimation.

pdf icon FPETOOL: Fire Protection Engineering Tools for Hazard Estimation. (6760 K)
Nelson, H. E.

NISTIR 4380; 120 p. October 1990.


General Services Administration, Washington, DC

Available from:

National Technical Information Service
Order number: PB92-132984


computer programs; building fires; fire protection engineering; fire hazards; fire protection; fire safety


This Report was Original Order as PB90-269549 Cancelled as of 2/92. FPETOOL is a computerized package of relatively simple engineering equations and models. A package of engineering tools useful in estimating potential fire hazard and the response of the space and fire protection systems to the developing hazard is presented. The computations use established engineering relationships. This paper outlines those relationships for the benefit of engineers and others interested in using the tools in the package. A separate report, FPETOOL User's Guide (NISTIR 4439), also is available.