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Summary of the Assumptions and Limitations in HAZARD I.

pdf icon Summary of the Assumptions and Limitations in HAZARD I. (760 K)
Bukowski, R. W.

Technomic Publishing Co., Inc. New Developments and Future Trends in Europe and the United States for Fire Retardant Polymer Products. June 7-8, 1989, Baltimore, MD, Technomic Publishing Co., Inc., Lancaster, PA, 1-15 pp, 1989.


flame retardants; plastics; computer programs; hazard assessment


This document is not intended to provide a discussion of hazard assessment in general nor details of HAZARD I in particular; but rather to supplement the presentation made at the meeting and provide a summary of the important assumptions and limitations of the HAZARD I system. It is impossible to provide an exhaustive discussion of these points in a summary document such as this - a full understanding will require study of the complete HAZARD I reports and the references included therein. It is hoped that this summary will provide a sufficient overview to allow an understanding of what HAZARD I can and cannot do, and the background to future enhancements.