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Fire Hazard Comparison of Fire-Retarded and Non-Fire-Retarded Products.

pdf icon Fire Hazard Comparison of Fire-Retarded and Non-Fire-Retarded Products. (8132 K)
Babrauskas, V.; Harris, R. H., Jr.; Gann, R. G.; Levin, B. C.; Lee, B. T.; Peacock, R. D.; Paabo, M.; Twilley, W.; Yoklavich, M. F.; Clark, H. M.

NBS SP 749; 92 p. July 1988.


Fire Retardant Chemicals Assoc., Lancaster, PA

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flame retardants; cone calorimeters; furniture calorimeters; chromatography; plastics; heat release rate; compartment fires; fire tests; smoke production


A test program was conducted for the Fire Retardant Chemicals Association to quantify the effects of fire retardant chemicals on total fire hazard. Five different types of products, each made from a different type of plastic were used. The products were made up in analogous fire-retardant (FR) and non-retarded variants (NFR).