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Wood Heating Safety Research: An Update.

pdf icon Wood Heating Safety Research: An Update. (2202 K)
Peacock, R. D.

Fire Technology, Vol. 23, No. 4, 292-312, November 1987.


chimneys; creosote; fireplaces; fire safety; fire tests; flues; heating equipment; stoves; wood


The Center for Fire Research at the National Bureau of Standards has been involved in research related to wood heating safety for more than seven years. Areas of interest have included: typical operating conditions of modern heating appliances, intensity and duration of chimney fires in factory-built and masonry chimneys, clearance reduction systems for protection of combustible walls and ceilings, and wall pass-through systems for connection of appliances to chimneys through combustible walls. This paper presents a review of research at NBS and elsewhere related to wood heating safety and provides an assessment of the impact of the research on the fire safe use of wood heating appliances. Extensive references of research related to solid fuel heating safety are included.