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Introduction to Fire Hazard Modeling.

pdf icon Introduction to Fire Hazard Modeling. (4328 K)
Bukowski, R. W.

NBSIR 86-3349; 102 p. March 1986.

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computer models; equations; fire models; hazard assessment; toxicity


An overview of the development and current capabilities of predictive methods for fire hazard analysis is provided. This includes a range of methods from simple, algebraic equations to complex, computer simulation models. In each case the form, major simplifying assumptions, calculated parameters, and limitations will be discussed. The specific application of these predictive methods to hazard analysis, and the availability of the data resources necessary to conduct a hazard analysis is described. Information on the use of a anumber of available models, with particular emphasis on those which can be used on desk-top computers, is provided. A discussion of the predictive accuracy of selected models is included. Some examples of hazard analyses using these methods are presented. This report is an overview of the author`s previous publications on the subject.