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Nylons: A Review of the Literature on Products of Combustion and Toxicity.

pdf icon Nylons: A Review of the Literature on Products of Combustion and Toxicity. (12090 K)
Braun, E.; Levin, B. C.

NBSIR 85-3280; 88 p. February 1986.

Fire and Materials, Vol. 11, No. 2, 71-88, June 1987.


Consumer Product Safety Commission, Washington, DC

Available from:

National Technical Information Service
Order number: PB86-189883


combustion products; literature reviews; nylon; pyrolysis; thermal decomposition; toxicity; thermal degradation


The literature on polyamides was reviewed to determine the nature and extent of information available on these materials which are commonly used in consumer and industrial applications. This review was limited to aliphatic polyamides normally called nylon and excludes aromatic polyamides such as Nomex and bicomponent polymers consisting of nylon and other polymers. The review was further limited to those publications inEnglish through June 1984. Typical pyrolysis products from a broad range of nylons do not appear to differ greatly. Many of the decomposition products detected in vacuum pyrolysis experiments appear as products of thermal degradation in inert and air atmospheres. In air, a general reduction in the quantities of heavier hydrocarbons is noted along with an increase in the production of CO, CO(2), H(2)O, NH(3), HCN, and NO(x).