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Suppression of Wellhead Fires by Use of Water Sprays.

pdf icon Suppression of Wellhead Fires by Use of Water Sprays. (2037 K)
Evans, D. D.; McCaffrey, B. J.

U.S. Department of the Interior. Technology Assessment and Research Program for Offshore Minerals Operations. OCS Study MMS-86-0083. 1986 Report, Gregory, J. B. and Smith, C. E., Editor(s), 159-162 pp, 1986.


water sprays; fire suppression; blowout fires; offshore platforms


The Center for Fire Research (CFR) of the National Bureau of Standards (NBS) is investigating the feasibility of controlling the radiation from, and the extinguishment of, blowout fires by use of a water spray fire suppression system. It is known that when water is added to hydrocarbon flames, even in small amounts, radiation from the flames is greatly reduced. When sufficiently large quantities of water are added, the flames can be extinguished. The mojor problem to be overcome is delivering the desired quantity of water and mixing it with the burning hydrocarbons to either control or extinguish the fires.