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Smoke Control at Veterans Administration Hospitals.

pdf icon Smoke Control at Veterans Administration Hospitals. (5883 K)
Klote, J. H.

NBSIR 85-3297; 108 p. January 1986.


Veterans Admin., Washington, DC

Available from:

National Technical Information Service
Order number: PB86-210556


acceptability; acceptance tests; air movement; doors; field tests; hospitals; pressurization; smoke control


The Veterans Administration (VA) has sponsored a project at the Center for Fire Research of the National Bureau of Standards to study smoke control in VA hospitals and evaluate design system approaches and methods of acceptance testing. This report presents general background information that is believed to be of interest to those tasked with design, construction and acceptance testing of smoke control systems. The performance requirements of smoke control systems for VA hospitals are discussed. The results of field tests at five VA hospitals is presented and discussed. Based on the information gained from the field tests and the background information, different approaches to smoke control at VA hospitals and methods of acceptance testing are evaluated. General recommendations concerning smoke control at VA hospitals are made.