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Toxic Hazard Evaluation of Plenum Cables.

pdf icon Toxic Hazard Evaluation of Plenum Cables. (1063 K)
Bukowski, R. W.

UJNR Panel on Fire Research and Safety. 8th Joint Panel Meeting. May 13-21, 1985, Tsukuba, Japan, 964-987 pp, 1985.

Fire Technology, Vol. 21, No. 4, 252-266, November 1985.


toxic hazards; cables; plenums; polytetrafluoroethylene; thermal decomposition; thermal conductivity; heat transfer


Code provisions covering the installation of low voltage cables in plenum spaces above suspended ceilings used for environmental air are reviewed. A calculation procedure which could be used to estimate the potential toxicity of the decompositon products from these cables relative to the toxicity of the compartment fire necessary to decompose the cable insulation is presented. These estimates are used in a four-step procedure for estimating Smoke Toxicity Hazard proposed by the NFPA Toxicity Advisory Committee which is described. Example calculations for some typical cases and a discussion of their limitations are included. This paper presents an example calculation intended to illustrate the use of this procedure.