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Model of Multiroom Fire Spread.

pdf icon Model of Multiroom Fire Spread. (5535 K)
Tanaka, T.

NBSIR 83-2718; LA-9911-C-Vol. 1; LA-9911-C-Vol. 2; 175 p. July 1983.

CSNI Specialist Meeting on Interaction of Fire and Explosion with Ventilation Systems in Nuclear Facilities. Volume 1 and Volume 2. April 25-28, 1983, Los Alamos, NM, 231-250 pp, 1983.

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Order number: DE84-003977-Vol. 2


compartment fires; computer programs; fire models; fire plumes; fire spread; high rise buildings; multiroom fires


Some refinements have been made on a multi-room fire sread model. The primary improvements are: (a) that a model on excess fuel burning in arbitrary room has been introduced; (b) that a model for the prediction of gas concentrations has been added; (c) that subroutine ABSORB, which was created by Modak, has been introduced to predict the upper layer emissivity; (d) that a new fire plume model developed by McCaffrey has been included to remove the inaccureacy and inplausibility of a vertical point heat source plime model; and (e) that the code has been revised so that it can deal with tall buildings with somewhat less computer memory size.