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Smoke Control for Elevators.

pdf icon Smoke Control for Elevators. (924 K)
Klote, J. H.

NBSIR 83-2715; NIST SP 983; 60 p. June 1983.

Collected Publications Related to the Use of Elevators During Fires. NIST SP 983. May 2002, Bukowski, R. W.; Burgess, S. R.; Reneke, P. A., Editor(s)(s), 2002.

ASHRAE Journal, Vol. 26, No. 4, 23-33, April 1984.


Veterans Administration, Washington, DC

Available from:

Order number: PB84-118397


building fires; egress; elevators (lifts); evacuation; handicapped; pressurization; smoke control; stairwells; elevator shafts


This paper is a second report on an ongoing project at NBS to investigate the use of elevators as a means of fire escape for the handicapped. The use of stairwells for fire evacuation poses a problem for people who canot use stairs because of physical disabilities. This paper discusses some of the major problems associated with the use of elevators as a means of fire exit and proposes a conceptual solution to those problems. A report is made on field tests of six buildings with elevator protection systmes. A simple relationship is developed for the pressure differences across the elevator shaft and across the elevator lobby for one type of elevator pressurization system. Vertical pressure profiles of such systems are also discussed.