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Intensity and Duration of Chimneys Fires in Several Chimneys.

pdf icon Intensity and Duration of Chimneys Fires in Several Chimneys. (7786 K)
Peacock, R. D.

NBSIR 83-2771; 135 p. December 1983.


Department of Energy, Washington, DC
Consumer Product Safety Commission, Washington, DC

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chimney fires; chimneys; creosote; fire safety; fire tests; flues; heating equipment; stoves; wood


A series of tests was conducted in five instrumented chimneys to study the intensity and duration of chimney fires due to the ignition and burning of combustible deposits accumulated on the chimney lining over a prolonged period of time. These tests were conducted (1) to establish typical conditions including temperatures in the chimneys and on combustible surfaces nearby, (2) to determine the duration of the burnout as evidenced by elevated temperatures within the chimneys, and (3) to compare these measured values with those obtained during conditions--prolonged firing of the appliances at high rates.