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Detection of Fires in Electrical Cables.

pdf icon Detection of Fires in Electrical Cables. (366 K)
Bukowski, R. W.


National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council, Flammability, Smoke, Toxicity, and Corrosive Gases of Electric Cable Materials. Report of the Task Force. 1978, Washington, DC, 139-142 pp, 1978.


electrical cables; fire alarm systems; extinguishing; fire detection; electrical insulation; combustion products; fire extinguishers; systems engineering


The intelligent application of a system design approach is necessary to provide the level of detection performance required at a cost consistent with the risk involved. Each and every type of detector and system available has applications where it and it alone is the best. The selection of detector and system arrangement must be determined through a logical decision process. This process should always involve a qualified fire protection engineer or system design who is familiar with all types of detection equipment and the ways of which each works the best.