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Fire Hazard Evaluation of BART Vehicles. Final Report.

pdf icon Fire Hazard Evaluation of BART Vehicles. Final Report. (362 K)
Braun, E.

NBSIR 78-1421; 20 p. March 1978.


Department of Transportation, Washington, DC

Available from:

National Technical Information Service
Order number: PB-281383


fire hazards; fire safety; subways


A fire hazard evaluation of the subway cars used on the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District was performed. After analyzing the cars' interior and exterior design, five recommendations were made that, if implemented, would improve passenger safety by decreasing the probability of developing a hazardous fire situation. Among these recommendations were the upgrading of current upholstered urethane seat assemblies and the need for the development of a fire detection system appropriate for rapid rail transit vehicles. Those system improvements would not only provide passengers a safer traveling environment but would also provide a modest level of protection for the heavy investment in rail vehicles.