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Static Pressure Measurements of Enclosure Fires.

pdf icon Static Pressure Measurements of Enclosure Fires. (4997 K)
McCaffrey, B. J.; Rockett, J. A.

American Chemical Society. National Symposium on Fire Safety Aspects of Polymeric Materials. June 6-8, 1977, Washington, DC, 1-53 pp, 1977.

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards, Vol. 82, No. 2, 107-117, September/October 1977.


fire safety; plastics; enclosures; pressure; entrainment; plumes; scale models


Some enclosure-fire static pressure measurements are presented for both full and scale model rooms and are compared with the present hydraulics-orifice flow model for fire induced flows into and out of enclosures. Results indicate that the vertical pressure differential (enclosure to ambient) follows the expected hydrostatic distribution quite well and accurately reflects the doorway inflow and outflow gas velocities.