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Long Range Planning: The Fire Scenario Approach.

pdf icon Long Range Planning: The Fire Scenario Approach. (554 K)
Lyons, J. W.

APL/JHU FPP B76-2; September 1976.

National Fire Prevention and Control Administration (NFPCA). Annual Conference on Fire Research. July 14-16, 1976, Laurel, MD, 3-12 pp, 1976.


fire research; research facilities; planning; fire losses; ignition; fire spread; fire growth; fire suppression; fire detection; escape; fire protection; first aid


The Federal Fire Prevention and Control Act of 1974 appreciably broadened the mission of the Center for Fire Research at the National Bureau of Standards. New subjects include fires in the transportation and use of combustibles, design concepts for improved fire safety in structures, biological and physiological effects of toxic substances arising from unwanted fire, the traumatic effects of fire on its victims, improved methods of first aid for fire victims, characteristics of arsonists, and studies of the stress encountered by firefighters.