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FDS Wall Flows. Part 1: Straight Channels.

pdf icon FDS Wall Flows. Part 1: Straight Channels. (526 K)
McDermott, R. J.

NIST Technical Note 1640; NIST TN 1640; 18 p. July 2009.


turbulent flow; laminar flow; stress (mechanics); Reynolds number; wildland urban interface; formulation; fire models


We perform calculations of 2D laminar and 3D turbulent channel ow with periodic streamwise boundary conditions. From the laminar results we verify that the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) wall boundary condition is second-order accurate. For the turbulent cases we adapt the wall stress model of Werner and Wengle to FDS and verify the implementation by replicating the Moody diagram, a plot of friction factor versus Reynolds number for turbulent pipe flow.