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Firebrand Attack on Ceramic Tile Roofing Assemblies.

pdf icon Firebrand Attack on Ceramic Tile Roofing Assemblies. (1935 K)
Manzello, S. L.; Hayashi, Y.; Yoneki, T.; Yamamoto, Y.

Fire and Materials 2009. 11th International Conference. Conference Papers. Proceedings. Organised by Interscience Communications Limited. January 26-28, 2009, San Francisco, CA, Interscience Communications Limited, London, England, 267-276 pp, 2009.


fire brands; roofs; ceramics; ignition; roofing (finishes); standards; wildland/urban interface; wind tunnels; experiments; tar paper; air flow; ASTM E108


The present study is concerned with investigating the ignition of ceramic tile roofing assembles (Spanish tile roofing) to a controlled firebrand attack using the Firebrand Generator. Current standards exist to test ignition of roofing decks to firebrands by placing a burning wood crib on top of a section of a roof assembly under an air flow. The dynamic process of multiple firebrands landing under ceramic tiles/gaps as a function of time is not taken into account. The results of a parametric study on the ignition propensity of ceramic tile roofing assemblies under a firebrand attack using the Firebrand Generator installed inside the Fire Research Wind Tunnel Facility (FRWTF) at BRI is presented and discussed.