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Development of a WUI Data Set and Its Uses.

pdf icon Development of a WUI Data Set and Its Uses. (104 K)
Autrey, B. S.; Zicherman, J.

Fire and Materials 2009. 11th International Conference. Conference Papers. Proceedings. Organised by Interscience Communications Limited. January 26-28, 2009, San Francisco, CA, Interscience Communications Limited, London, England, 181-190 pp, 2009.


National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD


data sets; urban/wildland interface; fire simulation; fire research; fire risk; costs; meteorology; temperature; structures; elevation; wind velocity; wind direction; air temperature


Two interesting pursuits related to UWI fires are to give a spatial-temporal description of fire phenomenon (e.g. simulation, prediction, etc.) and to measure the risk posed by such fires. These two pursuits have a broad intersection because the data required in both cases are similar. There is a need for data with particular features: meteorological, topographical, vegetation, structure location, structure characteristics, ground temperatures, etc. Currently no such data exists. The construction of such a data product is explored in this paper. In this paper we illustrate the construction of a data product to support fire research and risk modeling efforts. The need for such a data product has been broadly cited. These citations are sometimes accompanied by descriptions of features the data product should have. For example, Rehm states that such a data product should have "detailed data on the topography, local meteorology, building layouts and elevations, three-dimensional distribution of fuels, and the material properties of both the natural fuels and the structures." Such descriptions serve well as guidance.