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Combustion Products and Their Effects on Life Safety.

pdf icon Combustion Products and Their Effects on Life Safety. (492 K)
Gann, R. G.; Bryner, N. P.

Volume 1; Chapter 2 - Section 6; NFPA FPH2008;

Fire Protection Handbook, 20th Edition. Volume 1. Chapter 2. Section 6, National Fire Protection Assoc., Quincy, MA, Cote, A. E.; Grant, C. C.; Hall, J. R., Jr.; Solomon, R. E., Editor(s), 6/11-34 p., 2008.


fire protection; life safety; combustion products; flammability; combustible materials; fire gases; carbon dioxide; hydrogen cyanide; carbon monoxide; acids; irritants; aerosols; toxicity; asphyxiants; oxygen depletion; nitrogen oxides; toxicity; LC50; smoke; chemical analysis; test methods; cup furnace; fire tests; toxic hazards; human response; human beings; animals; temperature effects; equations; exposure; large scale fire tests; experiments; pyrolysis