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Use of Combustion Effluent Data in Tenability Assessment.

pdf icon Use of Combustion Effluent Data in Tenability Assessment. (56 K)
Gann, R. G.

Hazards of Combustion Products: Toxicity, Opacity, Corrosivity and Heat Release. Proceedings. November 10-11, 2008, London, England, Interscience Communications, London, England, Babruaskas, V.; Gann, R. G.; Grayson, S., Editor(s)(s), 161-169 pp, 2008.


combustion products; fire hazards; toxicity; corrosivity; heat release; tenability limits; fire hazard assessment; life safety; toxicants; smoke; construction; fire hazard; risk assessment; toxic hazards


Typical prescriptive and performance-based assessments of life safety in building tires do not explicitly consider the contributions of the toxic potency of combustion gases. smoke obscuration, or the thermal and radiative environment. This paper characterizes two approaches (one rigorous and one simplified) to fire hazard assessment that include the effects on life safety of airborne toxicants, visible smoke. and heat and explores the implications of such methodologies for characterizing the tire performance of construction and furnishing products