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Required Safe Egress Time: Data and Modeling.

pdf icon Required Safe Egress Time: Data and Modeling. (356 K)
Averill, J. D.; Reneke, P. A.; Peacock, R. D.

Conference. Sky is the Limit. Proceedings and Case Studies., Auckland, New Zealand, Society of Fire Protection Engineers, Bethesda, MD, 301-311 pp, 2008.


performance based codes; fire safety; safety engineering; regulations; egress; fire data; fire models; computation; evacuation; occupants; people movement; exit signs; computational fluid dynamics; databases


This paper identifies sources of uncertainty in RSET (required safe egress time) calculations, with focus on data and modeling. A model for efficiently calculating the range of egress solutions for a particular design is presented. Three recommendations for future research are proposed. First, future data collections and model inputs should utilize distributions. Second, future data collections should focus on emergency evacuation data rather than fire drill data. Finally, modeling output should utilize cumulative distribution functions to visualize the range of egress solutions.