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Flammability Hazard of Materials.

pdf icon Flammability Hazard of Materials. (416 K)
Madrzykowski, D.; Stroup, D. W.

Volume 1; Chapter 3 - Section 2; NFPA FPH2008;

Fire Protection Handbook, 20th Edition. Volume 1. Chapter 3. Section 2, National Fire Protection Assoc., Quincy, MA, Cote, A. E.; Grant, C. C.; Hall, J. R., Jr.; Solomon, R. E., Editor(s), 2/31-48 p., 2008.


fire protection; fire research; flammability; flammable materials; heat flux; smoldering; pyrolysis; gasification; char; intumescence; melting; ignition; thermal inertia; thermal properties; ignition time; test methods; heat relese rate; heat transfer; calorimeters; cone calorimeters; fire tests; room burns; corner tests; furniture calorimeters; flame propagation; flame spread test; tunnels; radiant panel test method; smoke yield; smoke chamber test; fire gases; extinguishment; temperature; smoke generation