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Workshop Objectives.

pdf icon Workshop Objectives. (1073 K)
Bryant, R. A.

NIST SP 1051; NIST Special Publication 1051; December 2007.

Real-Time Particulate Monitoring: Detecting Respiratory Threats for First Responders. Workshop Proceedings. Appendix 3: Workshop Presentations. Appendix 3.A. May 3-4, 2007, Gaithersburg, MD, 29-31 pp, 2007.


first responders; respiratory systems; health hazards; fire fighters; manufacturing; occupational hazards; occupational safety


There is a need for real-time identification of hazards to enable selection of appropriate respiratory protection for firefighters. The challenge is to transfer the protocols and technology used in industrial environments where the respiratory threats are better characterized to the fire environment where the threats are less characterized. This can be accomplished by first identifying existing devices that can be applied for read-time particulate detection during fire overhaul, then determining performance criteria and standards that modify these devices to better suit the application. The workshop is intended to bring members of key organizations together to begin this process. In addition to the production of a report that lays out priorities for research and detector performance, the workshop is anticipated to expose attendees to new tools and methods to improve safety, provide opportunities to expand the applications of available technology, and present opportunities for new research, new focus, and future collaborations.