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Fire Dynamics Simulator (Version 5): Technical Reference Guide.

pdf icon Fire Dynamics Simulator (Version 5): Technical Reference Guide. (666 K)
McGrattan, K. B.;Hostikka, S.;Floyd, J. E.; Baum, H. R.; Rehm, R. G.

NIST SP 1018; NIST Special Publication 1018-5; 100 p. October 2007.


dynamics; simulation; scenarios; hydrodynamic model; combustion; thermal radiation; sprinklers; validation; sensitivity


This document provides the theoretical basis for the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS), including the governing equations and the numerical methods used to solve them. The equations are the low Mach number form of the Navier-Stokes equations, solved using large eddy simulation techniques. The Guide also describes thermal radiation, droplet transport and evaporation, fire-specific detection devices, and other information related to the numerics of the model.