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High-Rise and Large/Complex Incident Communications Workshop.

pdf icon High-Rise and Large/Complex Incident Communications Workshop. (59266 K)
Vettori, R. L.; Lawson, J. R.; Davis, W. D.; Holmberg, D. G.; Bushby, S. T.

NIST Technical Note 1479; NIST TN 1479; 104 p. February 2007.

High-Rise and Large/Complex Incident Communications Workshop. Proceedings. June 20-21, 2006, Gaithersburg, MD, 104 pp, 2007.


communication networks; communication equipment; radio equipment; high rise buildings; commercial buildings; first responders; fire alarm systems; fire departments; incident command; interoperability; emergency responders; planning; training


On June 20 and 21, 2006, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) conducted a workshop to identify communication issues associated with high rise building incidents and to examine a variety of issues that confront public safety agencies handling large/complex incidents. The workshop brought together police, fire, and emergency medical personnel from eight cities along with federal law enforcement personnel, manufacturers, and researchers. Presentations were given on what is working to enable communications in different areas of the United States. Breakout sessions allowed for discussion leading to the following conclusions. (1) Progress is being made in addressing the challenges of radio communications in buildings, with many solutions presented by workshop attendees. (2) For interagency communications, interoperability is less about radio patches and more about developing good standard operating procedures. (3) For large and/or complex incidents, planning, training and the use of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) are the strongest factors in determining if the incident will be mitigated successfully. (4) With large incidents, strict radio discipline is important.

Selected Papers

Investigation Findings of the Emergency Response at the WTC.
Lawson, J. R. Distributed Multi-Nodal Voice/Data Communication Systems.
Bryner, N. P. Emerging Building Automation Technology and Its Impact on Emergency Responders.
Bushby, S. T.