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NGP Research on Fire Suppression Chemistry.

pdf icon NGP Research on Fire Suppression Chemistry. (309 K)
Linteris, G. T.

HOTWC 2006;

Halon Options Technical Working Conference, 16th Proceedings. HOTWC 2006. May 16-18, 2006, Albuquerque, NM, 1-12 pp, 2006.


halon alternatives; halons; halon 1301; fire suppression; chemical agents; flame extinguishment; chemical additives; radicals; chemical reactions


Several NGP projects studied the mechanisms of chemical suppressants, including those containing halogens, phosphorus, and metals. From the work, several general principles of chemical flame inhibition are outlined. The present paper describes the conditions for which a chemically active agent can be effective, and when it is most effective, and when it may not be effective. These general principles are demonstrated with numerical and experimental data and analyses for flame inhibition by various metals, halogens, phosphorus, and inert compounds, in premixed, counterflow diffusion, and cup-burner flames.