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Whence the NGP?

pdf icon Whence the NGP? (379 K)
Gann, R. G.

HOTWC 2006;

Halon Options Technical Working Conference, 16th Proceedings. HOTWC 2006. May 16-18, 2006, Albuquerque, NM, 1-12 pp, 2006.


halon alternatives; halons; halon 1301; fire protection; fire suppression; flame extinguishment; effectiveness; aircraft engines; nacelle engines; ozone


In its decade of research (1997-2006), the United States Department of Defense's Next Generation Fire Suppression Technology Program (NGP) re-vitalized the field of fire suppression science. The NGP arose as a result of a discovery that garnered the Nobel Prize for two accomplished chemists and legislation that turned science into public policy. A forthcoming book tells the story of how the NGP came about, what research was performed, how it modernized the thinking in the field, and the technical findings that emerged related to fire suppression in aircraft.