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Thermal Environment for Electronic Equipment Used by First Responders.

pdf icon Thermal Environment for Electronic Equipment Used by First Responders. (1724 K)
Donnelly, M. K.; Davis, W. D.; Lawson, J. R.; Selepak, M.

NIST TN 1474; NIST Technical Note 1474; 41 p. January 2006.


U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Washington, DC


electronic equipment; thermal environment; first responders; fire fighters; protective clothing; burns (injuries); heat flux; sensors; temperature measurements; test methods; thermal properties; PASS; gas detectors; standards; specifications


The increased use of electronic equipment by emergency responders where that equipment may be repeatedly exposed to elevated temperature, humidity and smoke conditions requires an examination of current manufacturing tests and standards used to certify this equipment. This paper provides a review of the current equipment standards for electronic equipment used by firefighters and other first responders. A thermal classification method is developed based on the protective characteristics of firefighter turn-out gear that should serve as the basis for developing thermal standards for electronic devices used by first responders. The Fire Equipment Evaluator (FEE) that was constructed to investigate the performance of electronic equipment in simulated fire conditions will be described. Results of testing the Personal Alert Safety System (PASS) are presented along with recommendations for revised standards for PASS.