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Urban/Wildland Fires: Ignition by Embers.

pdf icon Urban/Wildland Fires: Ignition by Embers. (437 K)
Manzello, S. L.; Cleary, T. G.; Yang, J. C.

Volume 1;

Interflam 2004. (Interflam '04). International Interflam Conference, 10th Proceedings. Volume 1. Posters: Risks. July 5-7, 2004. Organised by Interscience Communications Ltd. in association with National Institute of Standards and Technology, Building Research Establishment; National Fire Protection Association; Society of Fire Protection Engineers; and Swedish National Testing and Research Institute, Edinburgh, Scotland, Interscience Communications Ltd., London, England, 557-562 pp, 2004.


fire science; fire safety; wildland fires; urban fires; urban/wildland interface; ignition


An experimental apparatus has been built to investigate the ignition of surfaces as a result of impact with burning embers. Embers were simulated by machining wood (pinus ponderosa) into small disb of uniform geometry. Ember simulation was necessary since it is difficult to capture and characterize embers from an actual burning object. The ember ignition apparatus was installed into the Fire Emulator / Detector Evaluator (FE/DE) to investigate the influence of an opposed airflow on the ignition propensity of a surface. The operation of the ember ignition and release apparatus is described.