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Fire Dynamics Simulator (Version 4): User's Guide.

pdf icon Fire Dynamics Simulator (Version 4): User's Guide. (1528 K)
McGrattan, K. B.

NIST SP 1019; NIST Special Publication 1019; 98 p. July 2004.


dynamics; simulation


This guide describes how to use the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS). It does not provide the background theory. A companion document, called the FDS Technical Reference Guide, contains details about the governing equations, numerical methods and validation work. Although the User's Guide contains all the information necessary to perform fire simulations, the reader should also become familiar with some of the background theory in the Technical Reference Guide. The software and the User's Guide provide only limited guidance as to the proper prescription of input parameters. The FDS User's Guide contains limited information on how to operate Smokeview, the companion visualization program for FDS. Its full capability is described in the "User's Guide for Smokeview Version 4. This guide also contains infoirmation on how Smokeview can be used to design FDS calculations, providing a short tutorial on the use of both models.