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Environmental Concerns of Fires: Facts, Figures, Questions and New Challenges for the Future.

pdf icon Environmental Concerns of Fires: Facts, Figures, Questions and New Challenges for the Future. (1245 K)
Marlair, G.; Simonson, M.; Gann, R. G.

Volume 1;

Interflam 2004. (Interflam '04). International Interflam Conference, 10th Proceedings. Volume 1. July 5-7, 2004. Organised by Interscience Communications Ltd. in association with National Institute of Standards and Technology, Building Research Establishment; National Fire Protection Association; Society of Fire Protection Engineers; and Swedish National Testing and Research Institute, Edinburgh, Scotland, Interscience Communications Ltd., London, England, 325-337 pp, 2004.


fire science; fire safety; environmental effects; case histories; fire plumes; water; emissions; containment; foam extinguishing systems; halons; flame retardants; regulations; standardization


The effect of fires on the environment has been increasingly in the public eye since the chemical warehouse accident in the Sandoz facility in Schweizerhalle in November 1986. This paper presents a discussion of this accident together with a representative sample of other environmentally important case studies related to fires. Modes of interaction with the environment and potential transfer mechanisms are discussed. The impact of fire effluents in both the short and long terms and activities on the quantification of the environmental effect of fires are also presented. Some of the current environmental debates that are interacting withfire prevention and fire fire fighting techniques are also discussed, outlining challenging remaining issues. Finally, insight on international action in response to these incidents and related standardisation activities under progress is presented.