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Interoperable Dynamic Tactical Information for Public Safety Officials.

pdf icon Interoperable Dynamic Tactical Information for Public Safety Officials. (598 K)
Davis, W. D.; Evans, D. D.

Fire Suppression and Detection Research Application, 8th Annual Symposium. Society of Fire Protection Engineers. Proceedings. January 21-23, 2004, Orlando, FL, 1-9 pp, 2004.


fire suppression; fire detection; safety; information utilization; information technology; standards; fire departments; storage; emergencies; builidng fires


Currently, fire department notification of a building fire comes from either a building fire alarm system monitoring service or a 911 call. The emergency responders know very little about the situation until they arrive on the scene. Information for their initial response begins with the pre-emergency building survey, if available, and is supplemented upon arrival by the visual "size up" of the situation. Many fire departments are replacing paper pre-emergency building surveys with electronic information that can be accessed from mobile computing equipment in the apparatus. Unfortunately, there are currently no standards for the content of building emergency information or its display format. Without these standards, interoperability of equipment to share electronic information between all first responders to large-scale emergencies will be a problem. The purpose of this study is to develop standards for building emergency information to improve situational awareness. Practical methods to supply and use the information are also investigated. The standards effort will cover six areas: information content, representation, storage, access, transport, and presentation. This effort enables improvement in the safety and efficiency of emergency responders. It provides the foundation for a future emergency decision support system that takes advantage of modern developments in building fire and other hazard predictions.