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Calculation Tools at SP Fire Technology. (Abstract/Presentation/Visuals)

pdf icon Calculation Tools at SP Fire Technology. (Abstract/Presentation/Visuals) (117 K)
VanHees, P.; Sundstrom, B.

NIST SP 998; May 2003.


fire growth; fire spread


The Centre for Combustion Science and Technology, CECOST, was founded in 1996 at the Lund Institute of Technology, in close collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology and the Royal Institute of Technology. The Centre is funded by the Foundation for Strategic Research. The purpose of CECOST is to address, in the form of research projects and a National Graduate School, the range of problems that arise in regard to theories, processes and methods concerning fuel-air preparation, the combustion chamber, post-combustion treatment, exhaust gases, combustion residues and pollutants etc. For more information of CECOST organisation: Flame spread is an important concept in fire hazard analysis, as it governs the in many cases fast growth of a fire. Recently the concept of flame spread has been incorporated into CFD calculations. The use of CFD modelling of flame spread gives improved possibilities for a physically sound modelling approach compared to present semi-empirical models, but also sets higher demands on detailed knowledge of boundary conditions for the modelled scenario.