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Some Specialized Areas Where Research Is Needed. (Abstract/Presentation)

pdf icon Some Specialized Areas Where Research Is Needed. (Abstract/Presentation) (123 K)
Babrauskas, V.

NIST SP 998; May 2003.


fire growth; fire spread; ignition; fire research; fire dynamics; solid materials; wood; gypsum; wallboard


The ability to model the growth of fire through its entire history requires that a number of issues be addressed and solved that are currently poorly understood. This presentation will focus on three such areas, both quite different from the basic problem of flame spread over continuous fuel surfaces (which the author will not address): (1) Ignition of solid materials; (2) Burn-through of wood surfaces and subsequent fire propagation; (3) Fall-off of gypsum wallboard and subsequent fire propagation. Finally, some comments on other areas of fire dynamics where research is needed will be made.