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Bench-Scale Flammability Measures for Electronic Equipment.

pdf icon Bench-Scale Flammability Measures for Electronic Equipment. (309 K)
Bundy, M.; Ohlemiller, T. J.

NISTIR 7031; 36 p. July 16, 2003.

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electronic equipment; flammability; flame retardants; cone calorimeter; UL94; heat release rate; plastics; ignition; self ignition


An experimental study of the bench-scale fire performance of 18 commercial polymeric materials was conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The performance of these materials was characterized using three standard flammability tests. The ignition resistance, self-extinguishing behavior, heat release rate, and combustion product yields for these burning materials were evaluated at two material thicknesses and are discussed in terms of fire safety. This report details the first of a two part study in which the relationship between bench-scale and full-scale fire performance will be examined. Several of the materials characterized in this report will be selected for use in the full-scale study.