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Measurement of Soot Extinction Coefficients.

pdf icon Measurement of Soot Extinction Coefficients. (160 K)
Widmann, J. F.; Yang, J. C.; Mulholland, G. W.; Hamins, A.

Fire Safety Science. Proceedings. Seventh (7th) International Symposium. International Association for Fire Safety Science (IAFSS). POSTER ABSTRACTS. June 16-21, 2003, Worcester, MA, Intl. Assoc. for Fire Safety Science, Boston, MA, Evans, D. D., Editor(s), 1186-1186 pp, 2003.


fire research; soot; fire models; extinction


An experimental apparatus used to obtain soot extinction coefficients in the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum will be presented. Numerous experimental measurements of soot extinction coefficients have been previously obtained at visible wavelengths. However, such measurements have not been reported at infrared wavelengths relevant to radiation transport in fires (approximately 2 mm to 5 mm). There is a need for such data to quantify accurately the effect of combustion generated particulates on the transport of infrared radiation in fire scenarios, and in particular for the development of fire dynamics models.